Parent Resources

Playground Rules

Be Safe . . . Be Respectful . . . Be Responsible . . . Be Kind . . . Be Positive



  1. Get permission from an adult before leaving the playground for any reason.
  2. Play games that don’t involve body contact (no tackling, pushing, kicking, etc.)
  3. Report accidents or issues to an adult immediately.
  4. No food allowed on playground. Must be eaten over by buildings A or C
  5. No throwing, rocks, snow or anything else that isn’t a playground toy.
  6. Include all participants who want to play and demonstrate good sportsmanship.
  7. Remember to play safe, fair and take turns.
  8. Try to work out your conflict with peers first, and then get an adult if needed.
  9. Stay within the playground bounds (no playing on the hill) and remain in adults’ line of view at all times.
  10. Throw trash away.