Grandparents United! Reading Program

What: Grandparents United! is a volunteer reading program designed to engage our RMCA grandparents with students. Grandparents are valued members of our school community possessing experience from which students may benefit.

Purpose: RMCA seeks grandparents who are willing to read to and with students needing help to develop their reading skills. Nearly 12 percent of students struggle with reading, and we seek grandparent volunteers to help those students.

The Details: Joining Grandparents United! is simple. One must be fingerprinted and obtain a volunteer badge. We will establish appointments at RMCA for those needing fingerprints. Mrs. Susi Huntz will schedule volunteers for days, times, and teachers. It is not an all-day event. For example, some teachers may only desire an hour, once per week. Nothing breeds reading success than reading and enjoying it, and that’s our goal: Reading success and enjoyment. Grandparents United! volunteers will work with students, as the teacher directs. Some children do not have families that will read with or to them. Our volunteers will fill that void, helping to provide students with a lifetime of reading joy.

How: Please Contact Mrs. Susi Huntz, “Grandma Goodread,” at susihuntz@comcast.net or call (719) 637-0734 (after January 18th).