RMCA Hosts Tortoise versus the Hare

RMCA students witness Shelly Turtle at the finish line.

On March 11, 2017, Rocky Mountain Classical Academy students performed a musical version of The Tortoise versus the Hare. A joint endeavor of the school and Missoula Children’s Theater, production manager Steven Pomeroy commented, “Every day as adults, we have to speak and perform. Our partnership with Missoula Children’s Theater allows us to grow high-quality performing arts programs that develop lifetime speaking skills in our students. It complements our curriculum nicely.”

Third-grade student Lance Thompson, who played a Tortoise fan, said, “I love the show. It made me tired, but I like the audience. Plus, Ms. Seibert (Elementary Music Teacher) played the piano for us.”

“We’ve had a fabulous time here in Falcon District 49,” said Director Alli Talmage. She added, “The kids took direction well. Many rehearsed four hours after school, and they were wonderful. We plan to offer one student a summer program with us.”

Rocky Mountain Classical Academy Headmaster, Ms. Christianna Fogler, remarked, “This show’s cast involved many more elementary students than our last production. That made it more challenging, but the youngsters delivered a great show. We can’t wait for next fall’s production.”