Falcon District 49 Honors Ms. Connie Parrish

Accompanied by her daughter Megan (also a teacher), Ms. Parrish enjoys her award.

“I am just so honored and humbled by all of this,” said Rocky Mountain Classical Academy (RMCA) Elementary Art Teacher Ms. Connie Parrish. “I had no idea how big of an event this is,” she added, “and I wish all of my teacher colleagues to experience this.”

Along with hundreds of guests in attendance at the Hotel Elegante, Ms. Parrish had many reasons to enjoy the night of Friday, April 21, 2017. At the annual Falcon Education Foundation Supper Auction, she was one of only five Falcon District 49 teachers (out of 1,035) to receive a “Teacher of the Year” award. To add perspective, Connie rates in the top .0048 percent of District teachers, and to date, she is the only RMCA recipient of this recognition.

Ms. Christianna Fogler, Headmaster, enthusiastically stated, “I am so proud of Connie and all of our teachers. While this award is Connie’s, RMCA is blessed with outstanding teachers. I can’t wait to see another one of our people win this next year!”

After she received her award, Connie’s night became even better. While mingling with guests, an anonymous donor struck up a conversation with Ms. Fogler. Upon returning to the RMCA table, a smiling Headmaster announced that a private donor had just given Ms. Parrish a $500 award to continue her art education efforts at RMCA.

Friday evening was, indeed, the night the stars fell on RMCA.