Time Flies at Rocky Mountain Classical Academy

Red-coated British General Thomas Gage (Student Silas Mahnke) oversees American Colonists (Students Annetta Wilson, Avyn Walters, and Shaun Lind) producing candles for his army.

“Hear ye! Hear ye!,” ordered British General Thomas Gage to the American Colonists. “My army needs more candles!” On April 24, 2017, General Gage looked suspiciously like third-grade student Silas Mahnke.

Small wonder. Rocky Mountain Classical Academy students voyaged through time to Colonial Day. Much anticipated by students, each teacher’s classroom carried themed activities, including candle making, silhouette drawing, paper quilting, butter making, quill and ink writing, cornhusk doll making, game playing, and soap whittling. Students spent twenty-five minutes at each rotation, and just like General George Washington’s Continental Army, an array of volunteers ensured everyone’s participation. 

“Colonial Day capstones our study of the American Colonial Era,” said Ms. Ariel Collins, third-grade teacher. “We dress in period costumes, act like colonists, and eat a period meal,” added fellow teacher Ms. Kylie Hammond. Collins also explained, “Our Colonial Day complements but happens a bit before fifth-grade does their Civil War Living Wax Museum. This lets students see the breadth of American History from the Revolution through Appomattox.”

Given the century-long sweep, one might forgive students for blending the Colonial and the Contemporary. Ms. Collins's class exercised their newfound independence and performed the "Colonial Rap" for the victorious Americans. Check it out: https://youtu.be/fcZDWdNYIiQ.