Bus Lanes During Carpool


Dear Parents,

     Thank you for your safe, effective, and efficient help in making our carpool exceptionally safe. We continuously strive to improve its safety and timeliness. Recently, we noticed a bad trend. During the morning, increasing numbers of drivers are dropping off children in the bus lane along Antelope Ridge Drive. While that saves an individual driver roughly four minutes, it forces a minimum of two halts to our exiting cars from carpool. We must stop outbound traffic for the oncoming driver, and then we must stop traffic again for the student to cross the intersection to proceed up the sidewalk to the school's front doors. 

     We now have as many as ten drivers per morning doing this, and it results in greater than ten minutes of delays within morning carpool. This makes other drivers and students late to work and school. It also increases the risk to personal safety by exposing children to intersections. Please help all of our community by not using the bus lane to drop off students.


     Thank you for your kind help. As a gentle reminder, please use only hands-free devices when in carpool. In addition, Colorado state law prohibits the use of tobacco products on school grounds, including the parking lots and carpool lanes. Let's make our last month of school the safest we can!

With warm regards,

Mr. Mike Wedor

RMCA Principal