Mischief abounds in the Hall of Frame.

On May 3 and 4, 2017, Rocky Mountain Classical Academy (RMCA) fifth grade students performed Janet Gardner’s Bones! Some students had worked on the production after school since January. Elementary Music Teacher Ms. Julie Seibert auditioned students in December for a variety of parts, including students who ran the sound and lights systems, two-part harmonies, singing, and instrumentalists.

The show’s theme was a tailor-made fit for RMCA’s Core Knowledge curriculum for other grades and subjects, including those taught within first and third grades. The plot involves two janitors walking around the "Hall of Frame," in which they knock over a skeleton. Throughout the play, they meet different bones and body parts that provide clues to reassemble the skeleton.

Student Kaylee Janes, who played a janitor, said, "At first seeing all those grown-ups made me nervous, but Kenadee (a fellow fifth grader) encouraged me and calmed me down."

Another 5th grade student said, "I feel the performance went really well for the school because we got to get all the kids excited for fifth grade."

Student Allan Cornelius commented, "It went awesome because the singing and sounds from the Clatter Band were fabulous." Clatter? That must have been the sound of them bones scattering about the floor.