A Day at the Museum

Frozen out of time, Mr. John Wilkes Booth explains how he killed President Lincoln, a tough role for student Lindsey Marchbanks.

General George Gordon Meade (student Zaria Bautista) speaks his mind.

On Thursday, May 4, 2017, the fourth was with Union General George Gordon Meade. General Meade was fresh off his victory at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and looked forward to chasing Confederate General Robert E. Lee out of Pennsylvania. So said Rocky Mountain Classical Academy (RMCA) fifth-grade student Zaria Bautista as she acted Meade in RMCA’s annual Living Civil War Museum.

Each of the 104 fifth-graders selects a historical figure, military or civilian, Union or Confederate, and studies that person and his or her significance to the war. Students dress in costume, prepare a display board, and develop a speaking script. When visitors press a student’s “Go” button, he or she acts the script. Over 800 students, parents, and teachers attend the event.

Fifth-grade Team Lead Ms. Kristi Korte explained, “We became a new nation during the years 1861-65. Next year, President Lincoln will read the Emancipation Proclamation and Gettysburg Address.”

Meanwhile, fellow Teachers Ms. Olivia Arnegard, Hilary Calvert, and Rachel Fletcher, discussed how the living museum allows students to dress, talk, and see through the eyes of those who lived the era.

Living history energizes students. Bautista noted, “This is great, and now I want to see Pennsylvania.”

Photos follow.

Always a crowd favorite, Colonel Robert G. Shaw explains the assault on Fort Wagner, South Carolina.

Large crowds boosted this year’s attendance.