RMCA Honors Extraordinary Volunteers

Nearly fifty volunteers attended RMCA’s annual Volunteer Recognition Breakfast awards ceremony.

Thank you! Look: 14,642 hours and 16 minutes. As of the end of May 10, 2017, that is how many recorded volunteer hours you contributed to student success at Rocky Mountain Classical Academy. We conservatively estimate that the actual figure is at least 10 percent greater. Translated into eight-hour workdays, your hours represent 1,830.28 days, the equivalent of ten full-time faculty and staff over 190 days. You are amazing.

As all of you know, Rocky Mountain Classical Academy depends upon dedicated volunteers to provide services far in advance of what our faculty and staff could otherwise deliver. Each school year, we ask parents to contribute twenty-four hours of volunteer time. While it is impossible to list the work and programs these actions help, here is a sampling:

Chaperoning Field Trips and Camps

Classroom Assistance for Special Events

Copying, Laminating, and Distribution

Trunk or Treat

Watch Dogs

Jeans For Dreams



Core Knowledge Language Arts events, including: Celebrating our Annual Thanksgiving Meal and Learning American Traditions; Colonial Days; Civil War Living Wax Museum; Medieval Day; Greek Agora Day; Immigration Day; Field Days; Oregon Trail Day; Math Nights: Reading Nights; Astronomy Night; Walk Washington, D.C.; Athletic Teams; Extra-Curricular Clubs and Teams; Debate and Forensics; and many more.

The above list does not even begin to capture the breadth and depth of service, but you get the idea.

During Wednesday’s ceremony, Headmaster Christianna Fogler presented fifty-five certificates for persons who donated more than 100 hours of service. Several parents and grandparents gave over 200 and 300 hours. Ms. Fogler also presented an additional forty certificates to persons who were “Exceptional Volunteers,” those who gave sixty-to-ninety-nine hours of volunteer service.

The work of dedicated volunteers is a force multiplier. Without extensive volunteer participation, a school simply cannot provide the levels of educational services and quality of work and study environments that RMCA currently does. For this, our RMCA Community is blessed, and we thank you.