Parking at RMCA

Dear RMCA Community,

As we close a successful school year and look ahead to summer vacation, the El Paso County Sheriff Department asked us to communicate the following. A Deputy Sheriff visited us in response to complaints concerning off-campus parking, particularly after the school day ends. The majority of complaints occur in the neighborhood due south of RMCA. The Deputy noted that those roads are public roads, meaning folks may park there; however, anyone parking on those roads must follow applicable traffic and parking laws. His Department is concerned about drivers who violate traffic and/or parking laws, including parking too close to stop signs, blocking driveways, non-owners parking in homeowner driveways, and similar matters (one resident has had her garbage pickup prevented three times by parent cars blocking her trash cans as the rubbish truck attempted pickup. This has cost her $125 in late pickup fees). He also briefed us on several reports of RMCA parents exhibiting aggressive and confrontational behavior to residents. In the interests of safety, human dignity, and good community relations, we ask for your support in stopping such occurrences.

We pass along this information, because the Sheriff will commence issuing citations.

RMCA cannot enforce off-campus traffic and parking laws, as that is the role of law enforcement. Contact the El Paso County Sheriff Department with questions.

Best wishes,

Mr. Michael W. Wedor